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Photodynamic Treatment of Neurooncologic Patients with a New Photosensitizer of the E6 Chlorin Group: The First Experience

Endovideomonitoring in Transsphenoidal Surgery of Pituitary Neoplasms

Meningiomas of the Petrous Pyramid Apex: Peculiarities of Surgical Tactics and Technique

A new study of the anatomic features and the strategies of intraoperative dissection of the temporal region

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History of Home Neurosurgery: Some Pages. Part IV

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Alexander Petrovich Fraerman, professor: to the 70th anniversary of his birth

Alexander Nikolaevich Konovalov, academician of the RAMS: to the 70th anniversary of his birth

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Professor Tigliev Georgy Samuilovich: to the 70th anniversary of his birth