Alexander Petrovich Fraerman, professor: to the 70th anniversary of his birth


Alexander Petrovich Fraerman is a famous scientist and Chief of the Nizhegorodsky Interregional Neurosurgical Center. The 70th anniversary of his birthday was celebrated on November 10, 2003. His medical, research and public activity started 45 years ago. A.P. Fraerman was elected a senior researcher of the Neurotrauma Department of the Gorky Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics in 1973. Two years later (1975) he became a Chief both of this Department and the Nizhegorodsky Interregional Neurosurgical Center and fills this post now. His work at the Institute of Traumatology predetermined the main trend of activity of the Clinic, headed by him, i.e. studying various aspects of isolated and combined cerebral and spinal trauma and developing methods of their treatment.

In 1970 A.P. Fraerman defended his thesis for a Candidate's degree, where he considered diagnosis and surgical tactics in craniocerebral trauma, associated with extracranial injuries.

It should be mentioned, that 3 theses for a Doctor's and 22 theses for a Candidate's degree were defended under his guidance; besides 2 theses for a Doctor's and 2 for a Candidate's degree are being written under his supervision now. The majority of them deals with traumatic compression of the brain.

His services in the field of neurosurgery development were highly estimated and in 1992 A.P. Fraerman became the Honored Science Worker of the Russian Federation.

In 1995 he and some other leading specialists of the country were awarded the State Prize of the Russian Federation for research in craniocerebral trauma.

A.P. Fraerman was elected the first President of the Association of Russian Neurosurgeons, organized in 1995. His talent of an organizer demonstrated itself brightly during preparation of the 2nd Congress of Russian Neurosurgeons, held in 1998 in Nizhny Novgorod, as well as annual research-and-practice conferences of the Nizhegorodsky Interregional Neurosurgical Center.

The Association of Neurosurgeons of Russia and the editing committee of the Russian Neurosurgery Journal congratulate Alexander Petrovich cordially and wish him good health, happiness, long life and every success.