Changing Aspects in Stroke Surgery: Dissections,
Moyamoya Angiopathy and EC-IC Bypass
Y. Yonekawa, T. Tsukahara, A. Valavanis, N. Khan
2008, 149 pp.; 100 figures.
Text: English
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The book with such an intriguing title as Changing Aspects in Stroke Surgery is a collection of reports, made at the Third European-Japanese Conference, which was held at the University of Zurich and was devoted to the 70th anniversary of its neurosurgical clinic, founded by Professor Hugo Krayenbuhl. The first two conferences were limited to participation of Japanese and Swiss specialists, but a growing interest in stroke surgery allowed the organizers to invite the most active neurovascular surgeons from different European countries.

The book contains 24 articles, presented in the following sections: Aneurysms, AVM and Fistulas; Dissection of Cerebral Arteries; Revascularization Procedures: EC-IC Bypass Revisited; Moyamoya Angiopathy: History.

Taking into account a speed of information accumulation, one should say, that some articles have become morally antiquated, while others are rather interesting and topical.

For example, Kikuta K. et al. describe a relatively new method of MR-tractography, used in planning of microsurgical operations for cerebral AVM and resulting in a lower risk of postoperative neurological complications.

Orakcioglu B. et al. report the results of studying focal ischemia in experimental parenchymal hemorrhages, which was carried out with applying MR-diffusion and MR-perfusion.

The articles by employees of the clinic of Professor Yonekawa, who is an editor-in-chief of the present book, are the most informative ones. They are devoted to surgery of aneurysms and AVM, brain revascularization, moyamoya disease.

A special topic of the Conference was dissection of cerebral aneurysms. This pathology, explored widely in Japan, is little known in European countries. The article by Yonekawa Y. generalizes profound experience, accumulated in the clinic of Zurich in this field.

An original summary of the edition is a historical review by Professor Hernesniemi, who is one of the last Mohicans of aneurysms microsurgery. It is a critical and ironical description of development and prospects of neurovascular surgery.

Thus, this supplement to Acta Neurochirurgica is an interesting manual on vascular neurosurgery, which can be recommended for use both in carrying out research and training neurosurgeons-residents.