Aneurysms of Vessels of Vertebro-Basilar Region: Endovascular Treatment

Outcomes of Surgical Treatment of Patients with Cerebral AVM

Risk Factors in Surgical Treatment of Subtentorial Hypertensive Hemorrhages

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Eversion Endarterectomy Performed through the Carotid Artery

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Topographic-Anatomic Substantiation of a Pterional Approach to Aneurysms of Middle Cerebral Artery

Correlation between Spectral Density of Intracranial B-Waves and Velocity of Cerebral Blood Flow Autoregulation

Risk Factors in Surgical Treatment of Patients with Hypertensive Intracerebral Hemorrhage

Reconstruction of the Carotid Region Arteries under Conditions of a Neurosurgical Clinic

A Stereotactic Radiosurgical Method and Use of Gamma-Knife in Treatment of Cerebral AVM

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