A Rare Combination of Vascular and Oncologic Pathology

O.A. Pavlov

(Marrinskaya Hospital, Saint Petersburg)

Female patient K., born in 1944, fell ill on June 14. She had sharp headache, vomiting. The patient was admitted to the Central Regional Hospital of Vsevolozhsk. Liqour, obtained during lumbar puncture, had a touch of blood.

The patient was transferred to the first department of the Mariinskaya Hospital. Her state on admission was of moderate severity. Neurologic examination revealed marked meningeal syndrome and Babynsky's syndrome on the right.

MRI findings were as follows: a hemorrhagic area in the interhemispheric fissure, aneurysms of the left pericallous artery, meningioma of the left occipital lobe.

The patient was transferred to the neurosurgical department of the above hospital on July 7. Carotid angiography confirmed presence of aneurysm and its localization.

The operation (July 25) consisted in subfrontal craniotomy of the left with overlapping the midline, aneurysm clipping (O.A. Pavlov). There were no complications in a postoperative period; the wound healed by the first intention. Contrast study revealed no aneurysm. The patient was discharged for treatment in an outpatient department on the 13th day after operation. Her state was satisfactory.

The demonstration purpose was acquaintance with a rare combination of vascular and oncologic pathology.