A Rare Combination of Hypertensive Hemorrhage and Brain Tumor

O.A. Pavlov, Yu.A. Serdyuk

(Mariinskaya Hospital, Saint Petersburg)

Female patient M. was admitted to the Mariinskaya Hospital on January 10, 2002 with hypertensive disease (stage III) and subarachnoid hemorrhage, which had taken place on January 5, 2002.

The disease onset (5.01.02) was acute; severe headache and nausea were watched against a background of a high blood pressure (260/160 mm Hg). She was taken to hospital. Liquor, obtained during lumbar puncture, had a touch of blood. A state at examination was severe; blood pressure was 190/100 mm Hg. The patient had moderate torpor, predominance of tendon and periosteal reflexes on the right, marked meningeal syndrome.

CT examination of the brain (11.01.02) demonstrated subarachnoid-ventricular hemorrhage with tamponade of the left lateral ventricle and meningioma in convexital areas of the left frontal lobe. Cerebral panangiography was used; there were no additional contrast masses. Osteoplastic craniotomy of the frontal area on the left and tumor removal were made on January 17, 2002 (Yu.A. Serdyuk ).

Histologic diagnosis confirmed presence of meningioma. A postoperative period was uncomplicated. The patient was discharged on the 10th day after operation in a satisfactory state. Further treatment was carried out in an outpatient department.

The demonstration purpose was to present a rare combination of hypertensive hemorrhage and brain tumor.