Differentiated Approach to Surgical Treatment of Brachial Plexus Pathology Based on Clinical and MRI Data

A.V. Kuznetsov

(Chair of Neurosurgery, Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Moscow)

A report deals with problems of surgical treatment of traumatic and radiation plexopathy, brachial plexus tumors, a syndrome of the upper thoracic aperture.

There were 54 patients with different pathology of the brachial plexus, who had been subject to MRI examination. All cases were operated with application of one of the following approaches: supraclavicular, posterolateral, posterior suprascapular, subclavian, transaxillary.

Main MRI findings, typical of pathologic processes, involving the brachial plexus and roots, which form it, were analyzed. A differentiated approach to surgical treatment of traumatic lesions and tumors of the brachial plexus, a syndrome of the upper thoracic aperture was proposed. Treatment results made it possible to speak of expediency of MRI application in planning of surgery of brachial plexus pathology.