Prize Winners of the First All-Russian Competition of Young Neurosurgeons


Grand Prix

Scarcely Invasive Surgery of Cerebrovascular Malformations

Melidi Evstafy Georgievich (Novosibirsk)


The First Place

Contralateral Pterional Approach in Surgery of Aneurysms of the Willis Circle Anterior Segment: Anatomic-Clinical Substantiation

Tkachev Vyacheslav Valeryevich (Moscow)


The Second Place

Minor Traumatic Intracranial Meningeal Hematomas of Supratentorial Localization

Grin Andrey Anatolyevich (Moscow)


The Second Place

A Metal Device for Transpedicular Fixation of the Spine with a Functionally Optimum Degree of Rigidity: Clinical-Mathematical Substantiation

Levchenko Sergey Konstantinovich (Moscow)


The Third Place

Clinical-Statistical Description and Multifactor Analysis of Outcomes in Non-Traumatic Intracranial Hemorrhages

Galkina Tatyana Nikolaevna (Saint Petersburg)


The Third Place

Antineoplstic Immunotherapy in Patients with Prolonged Growth of Cerebral Glioblastomas: Use of Dendritic Cells with Tumor Antigens

Ostreiko Oleg Vikentyevich (Saint Petersburg)