Department of surgical treatment of trauma of the peripheral nervous system

Head of the Department - Candidate of Medical Science Kokin Gennady Semionovich

This Department is the oldest one at the Institute. It was opened in 1926. Its founder was Molotkov A.G., the first director of the Institute. He was the head of the Department for nearly a quarter of the century (1926-1950). The Department was also headed by Candidate of Medical Science Iozefovich N.A. (1950-1964), Prof. Grigorovich K.A. (1964-1979). Since 1979 its head is Candidate of Medical Science Kokin G.S.

Development of surgery of the peripheral nervous system at the Polenov Neurosurgical Institute is connected with the activity of such outstanding scientists as Polenov L.A., Babchin I.S., Bondarchuk A.V., Molotkov A.G., Grigorovich K.A., Gorbunova V.G., Volkov A.A., Bersnev V.P.

The main trend of research is diagnosis and complex treatment of injuries and diseases of the peripheral nervous system. The last twenty years brought considerable changes in quality of surgery of the peripheral nervous system. They are conditioned by development of electrophysiologic diagnostic methods and monitoring used in a postoperative period and at the stage of rehabilitation, introduction of new modalities into clinical practice (CT, MRI, Doppler), improvement of conventional means and introduction of new methods of microsurgical interventions and ways of long-term electrostimulation with the help of both transcutaneous and implanted electrodes.

During the last ten years the employees of the Department managed to publish 3 monographs, to get 28 author's certificates and patents on various inventions, to defend theses for a degree of a Candidate (14) and Doctor (1) of Medical Science.

There are a Doctor of Medical Science and 9 Candidates of Medical Science in the Department who treat and consult patients suffering from diseases and injuries of facial, trigeminal and accessory nerves as well as trunks of cervical, brachial and lumbosacral plexuses; injuries of peripheral nerves at various levels; combined injuries of nerves, bones. major vessels, tendons; tumors of nerve trunks; tunnel neuropathies; vertebrogenic syndromes; discal hernias; causalgias, hyperpathic pain syndromes, etc.

Prospects of research are as follows:

- creation of new diagnostic methods based on determination of functional interrelations of conjugate muscles of upper extremities in patients with nerve trauma;
- development and introduction of new methods of surgical and conservative treatment of injuries and diseases of peripheral nerves complicated by pain syndrome; facial pains, vertebrogenic pain syndromes;
- development and introduction of endovideoscopic methods of treatment in vertebrogenic pain syndromes in a lumbosacral area;
- development and introduction of new methods of electrostimulation used in trauma sequelae and diseases of the peripheral nervous system.

The Department personnel renders advisory and medical assistance to other public health establishments. It is responsible for postgraduate education of all doctors studying at the Institute as well as for training of probationers and specialization in neurosurgery of doctors from other medical establishments of the country.