Department of prognostication, complex planning and introduction of research results into public health

Head of the Department - Assistant Director on Organization and Methodology, Doctor of Medical Science, Prof. Kondakov Evgeny Nikolaevich

Amalgamation of the Research-and-Organization Unit and Medical-Mathematical Group of the Neurosurgical Institute led to foundation of the above-mentioned Department in 1985. Today its head is Kondakov E.N., Researcher-in-Chief and Doctor of Medical Science.

Development of neurosur-gical service of the country started after the issue of edicts of the Ministries of Public Health of the USSR and the Russian Federation (RF) on organization of a network of specialized neurosurgical estab-lishments in all cities having medical Institutes. Prof. Osipova B.K., Surgeon-in-Chief of the Russian Federation Ministry of Public Health, who was a participant of the 2nd All-Russia Scientific Conference of Neurosurgeons held in Leningrad and devoted to the 30th anniversary the scientific school of the city, emphasized great contribution of the Institute into process of creation of this neurosurgical network. The Organization-and-Methodology Unit, reorganized into Depart-ment later on, was headed in succession by Svetlichny V.A., Tishin A.G., Savchenko Yu.N., Ertevtsian L.N., Litovchenko N.T., Potanina M.N., Soloviev A.N., Lobaev I.A., Lebedev E.D.

Further activity of employees of the Department was aimed both at training neurosurgical personnel and planning development of neurosurgical establishments of the RF.

They worked out Order N 108 of February 9, 1987, entitled "The State of Neurosurgucal Care Rendered to the Population of the RF and Measures on Its Subsequent Development and Improvement" and approved by the RF Ministry of Public Health. Besides, the staff of the Department took an active part in preparation of Order N 643 of August 12, 1988, adopted by the USSR Ministry of Public Health and entitled "Subsequent Development and Improvement of Neurosurgical Service in the USSR".

In 1999 employees of the Department worked out a draft of a new order on improvement of neurosurgical care in Russia and submitted it to the RF Ministry of Public Health for consideration.

Today neurosurgical service comprises 11 interregional centers covering all regions of Russia. Science-and-practice conferences and meetings of neurosurgeons are held on a regular basis. The conference, devoted to the Institute jubilee (1996) and reviewing the activity of the Institute in the field of organization and methodology, showed that the staff of the Department had done much for improvement of the service and introduction of new developments into practice of neurosurgical establishments of the RF. The Research-and-Organization Department is responsible for planning and coordination of neurosurgical research in Russia.

The main goals and tasks are as follows:

- developing scientific foundations of organization of specialized neurosurgical care in Russia;
- guiding activity of neurosurgical departments of the RF with continuous improvement of organizational forms and various types of post-graduate education including training in specific fields of neurosurgery;
- studying epidemiology of different neurosurgical diseases for estimation of standard requirements of Russian population in beds and personnel;
- science-and-practice guidance, coordination and planning of the activity of neurosurgical service with the purpose of ensuring unity of theory and practice by introduction of new diagnostic and therapeutic methods into public health.

During the last ten years the employees of the Department have defended theses for a degree of a Doctor (3) and Candidate (5) of Medical Science; besides 6 monographs have been published.