To the 75th Anniversary of His Birth professor Nikiforov Boris Mikhailovich


nikiforov.jpg Boris Mikhailovich Nikiforov was born on June 16, 1926 in Shanghai (China). His parents were Russian emigrants. He got his elementary education at a French college where lessons of French and English were accompanied by subsequent study of Russian.

Having finished the college in 1945 Nikiforov entered the Medical Faculty of the Aurora French University. He graduated from it in 1951 and began to work as an intern in the Quan-Zi University Clinic (Shanghai) specializing in general surgery. When the political situation in the USSR turned for the better, his family returned to Russia and settled in Kaliningrad. Nikiforov became a surgeon in charge in the Regional Hospital where he mastered basic methods of operations for abdominal diseases and traumas of extremities.

In 1953 Nikiforov started his specialization in the field of neurosurgery at the Leningrad Institute of Advanced Medical Education (now the Saint Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education). When the five-month course was over he returned to the Kaliningrad Regional Hospital and worked there as a neurosurgeon for some time. In 1955 Nikiforov was offered a postgraduate studentship at the Polenov Research Neurosurgical Institute (Leningrad). His thesis for a degree of a Candidate of Medical Science entitled "Surgical Anatomy of Venous Formations of the Cerebral Longitudinal Fissure" was defended successfully in 1962. It was written under the guidance of the Honoured Scientist, Prof. E.M. Margorin at the Chair of Operative Surgery of the Pediatric Medical Institute. Nikiforov was appointed a chief of the first USSR neurovascular 75-bedded department organized in the Kuibyshev Multi-field Municipal Hospital (now Mariinskaya Hospital) in 1961 on recommendation of Academicians Shamov V.N., Davidenkov S.N. and Professors Ugriumov V.M. and Davidenkova K.F. He took the initiative of creating specialized neurologic emergency teams in Leningrad which ensured timely admission of patients to the above department.

The unique clinical material and profound experience of operations for cerebrovascular aneurysms were generalized by Nikifirov in his thesis for a degree of a Doctor of Medical Science entitled "Sacculated Aneurysms of the Anterior Segment of the Willis Circle and Their Surgical Treatment at Different Hemorrhagic Stages" and defended in 1973. Nikiforov started his career of a lecturer at the Chair of Nervous Diseases of the Leningrad Pediatric Medical Institute in 1963 and then he became a professor of the same Chair.

Close cooperation of Prof. Nikiforov B.M. with some other neurosurgeons of the USSR led to development of a method of surgical treatment of cerebrovascular aneurysms and its introduction into practice. As a result, they were rewarded with the State Prize in 1985.

He was elected a member of the American Academy of Neurologic and Orthopedic Surgery during his visit to Las Vegas (USA) in 1995.

During 48 years of his career of a doctor, lecturer and scientist Nikiforov B.M. managed to publish 360 reports both in Russia and abroad. They include one of the first articles on anesthesia administration published in the journal of Khirurgia in 1954, the article on application of vasodilation in treatment of cerebral vasospasm in an acute period of aneurysmal hemorrhages (written together with Zubkov Yu.N. and Shustin V.A.) which appeared in Acta Neurochirurgica in 1974. Besides, in 1961 he translated the book entitled "Foundations of Physiologic Surgery" by Leriche R. from French into Russian. Nikiforov B.M. wrote several parts in such books as "Surgery of the Central Nervous System" edited by Prof. Ugriumov V.M. (1964), "Intravascular Neurosurgery" (Khilko V.A. and Zubkov Yu.N., 1982), "Manual on Children's Neurology" edited by Guzeva V.I. (1998), "Abnormalities of the Spine in Children" (Ulrikh E.D., 1995), "Clinical Thermovision" edited by Melnikova V.P. and Miroshnikova M.M. (1999), "Clinical Lectures on Neurology and Neurosurgery" (1999).

Today Prof. Nikiforov B.M. continues to work and to read lectures to students of the Saint Petersburg Pediatric Academy. He is a chief of the Neurosurgical Department of the Marrinskaya Hospital, a member of the Scientific Council of the Polenov Research Neurosurgical Institute (PRNI) where theses for a degree of a Doctor of Medical Science are defended and a member of the Board of the Association of Russian Neurosurgeons.

The majority of vascular neurosurgeons of the Leningrad school worked and accumulated clinical material for their research in the Neurosurgical Department of the Mariinskaya Hospital headed by Nikiforov B.M. Among them one can mention Prof. Spiridonova V.D., Prof. Zubkov Yu.N., Prof. Belimgotov B.Kh. (Nalchik, Kabardin-Balkaria), senior researcher of the Cerebrovascular Surgery Department of the PRNI Nikitin P.I.

Prof. Nikiforov B.M. is a man of many talents. He is a good artist, brilliant narrator and ardent philatelist. Nikiforov B.M. is a chairman of the Philatelic Society. His collections of stamps on various subjects won prizes at numerous philatelic exhibitions both in our country and abroad.

Prof. Nikiforov B.M. is notable for his selfless attitude to his patients, firmness and goodwill in relation to his colleagues, strong love of life, high professionalism, wit and great erudition not only in neurosurgery but also in many fields of art and literature.

The Association of Neurosurgeons of Russia and the editorial staff of the journal wishes Prof. Nikiforov B.M. to be always healthy, strong, highly creative and successful in his favorite cause - neurosurgery.