Laboratory of complex functional diagnosis

Head of the Laboratory - Doctor of Medical Science Kan Elena Leontievna

The Laboratory was opened in 1979 on the initiative of Director of the Institute, Prof.. Ugriumov V.M. with the purpose of carrying out fundamental and applied investigations in brain injuries and functional changes of the CNS. The head of the Laboratory is Kan E.L.

A conception of a leading role of the hypothalamic-hypophyseal-adrenal system and adrenocortical mechanisms in development of protection-adaptation and pathologic changes under extreme conditions, i.e. craniocerebral trauma, was worked out. It was done under the guidance of Prof. Ugriumov V.M. and Prof. Zotov Yu.V. The Laboratory solved the problem of further substantiation and extention of this prospective trend. Its universality was checked on air traffic control officers subject to extreme psychoemotional loads, connected with their professional activity and often leading to diseases and disability. The results indicated that it was necessary to improve methods of complex study of a state of various spheres and its dynamics in the process of formation of protection-adaptation responses, caused by extreme impact on the CNS.

An adequate and highly effective method of evaluating a functional state of a psychosomatic sphere in short-term intensity-dosed load (stress-test) was developed and approved. Then methodological and theoretical foundations of complex estimation of a functional state of psychic and viscerometabolic spheres and criteria of clinical-physiologic examination of patients with focal cerebral lesions (pituitary adenoma, meningiomas) were worked out.

Today the Laboratory employees carry out complex diagnosis of a functional state of a psychic sphere and estimate a clinical-physiologic status of chidren with mild closed craniocerebral trauma. The Laboratory was the first to use Kardiometr-MT, a native device for automated estimation of a functional state of a cardiovascular system. It registers 12 conventional leads, main indices of central hemodynamics, pulse and rhythm. Obtained parameters are interpreted and presented together with a medical conclusion. The results of investigations are used for development of diagnostic and therapeutic methods which raise efficacy of rehabilitation of neurosurgical patients.

Besides, they were presented in the form of reports at the International Congress of the World Organization of Civil Aviation, numerous conferences, congresses, workshops. More than 70 articles were published, one invention was patented, 7 innovations were approved of.