Department of children's neurosurgery

Head of the Department - Doctor of Medical Science, Prof. Khachatryan William Aramovich

The Department was organized in 1938 on the initiative of Prof. Polenov A.L. and Prof. Babchin I.S. The latter was its permanent consultant for many years. The Department was headed by Senior Researchers Salman A.Ya. (1938-1948) and Tishin A.G., Honored Science Worker of the Russian Federation, Prof. Zemskaya A.G. (20 years), Doctor of Medical Science Khokhlova V.V. (1970-1979), Candidate of Medical Science Rogulov V.A. (1979-1987), Doctor of Medical Science Yatsuk S.L. (1987-1996), Honored Science Worker, Prof. Bersnev V.P. (1996-2000).

Today it is a multi-field 35-bedded department whose staff includes 2 professors, 2 Doctors of Medical Science, physicians and 18 experienced nurses. Neurosurgeons of the Department perform complex operations on various segments of the central and peripheral nervous systems of children.

The activity of the last 5 years resulted in publication of 84 reports in different magazines, 3 monographs and 14 brochures with recommendations on methods of treatment, 4 manuals for doctors; 6 inventions were introduced.

Three International symposia on hydrocephalus (1996, 1999, 2000) and All-Russia conference on craniocerebral trauma in children were organized and held; employees of the Department participated in 13 International (22 reports) and 10 Russian (16 reports) symposia; theses for a degree of a Candidate (16) and Doctor (3) of Medical Science were written under the guidance of researchers of the Department for a period of the last five years.

Some new conceptions concerning important aspects of diagnosis and treatment of widespread diseases of the nervous system were developed and introduced. The last five years are characterized by working out new operating methods and considerable improvement of conventional surgical methods of treatment of hydrocephalus, tumors of the posterior cranial fossa, cerebrovascular pathology, diseases and injuries of peripheral nerves, epilepsy as well as by development of an original conception of hydrocephalus pathogenesis and its classification. The Department has up-to-date diagnostic and surgical equipment: endoscopic video systems, devices for monitoring of biomechanic properties of the brain and intracranial pressure, ultrasonic and laser disintegrators, microsurgical apparatus, stereotaxis, catheters and devices for endovascular operations, systems for liquor drainage, neurostimulators and neuroprotectors.

Joint research with medical establishments of Germany, Poland, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia, other countries of the CIS and of the world is carried out. The employees of the Department of Children's Neurosurgery exercise control over neurosurgical service of the Russian Federation, participate in advisory activity, perform demo operations and train specialists.