Laboratory of biochemistry and radioimmunology

Head of the Laboratory - Candidate of Medical Science, Senior Researcher Kharitonova T.V.

The Laboratory was organized in 1926. It was headed by Prof. Manoilov E.O. (1926-1942), Prof. Kadynov B.P. (1945-1949), Candidate of Biological Science Sadikov N.V. (1958-1960), Ptof. Kosyakov K.S. (1960-1976), Candidate of Biological Science VasilievaT.G. (1977-1996). In 1997 the Laboratory of Biochemistry was fused with a group of radioimmunologists working at the Institute. Candidate of Biological Science, a member of the European and International Neuropeptide Clubs (ENC and INC) Kharitonova T.V. was appointed its head. Research carried out at the Laboratory was always connected with the main scientific problems studied at the Institute; pathobiochemical processes in the brain and different body systems in patients with various neurosurgical diseases were investigated. The main trend, at which the Laboratory has been working since 1997, is systemic study of neurochemical and pathobiochemical processes in neurosurgical patients. It includes evaluation of biochemical indices of the nervous, endocrine and immune systems; their interaction at various levels of regulation and effect on such types of metabolism as proteolysis, glycolysis, hemostasis. Complex biochemical study of blood flowing to and out of the brain, CSF, cerebral neoplasms, vascular malformations, intracranial hematomas of different genesis are paid great attention to.

The spectrum of modern highly sensitive methods used at the Laboratory is rather broad: radioimmunologic and immunofermental saturation analysis (evaluation of peptides, hormones, cytokines, immunoglobulins, oncomarkers, clotting factors, etc.), electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gel, study of enzymatic activity, investigation of receptors in cerebral neoplasms with the help of radioreceptor analysis, multi-component biochemical study of hemostasis. The employees of the Laboratory make 50 000 analyses taken in patients of clinical departments and Department of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation annually.

Results of research were published both in native and foreign press, presented at All-Russia, European and International congresses and conferences and used in theses for a degree of a Doctor (7) and Candidate (26) of Medical Science. The Laboratory employees are authors of 9 patents and author's certificates which served a basis for writing recommendations on use of different methods and, thus, for their introduction into practical public health.