New Biodegrading Materials: Use of the SpheroÒGel Matrix and ElastoPOBÒ Membrane in Surgery of the Peripheral Nervous System

A.G. Fedyakov*, O.N. Dreval*, N.V. Perova**, A.V. Kuznecov*, V.I. Sevastyanov**, G.N. Chapandze*

* Faculty of Neurosurgery of the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Moscow, Russia
** Scientific Research Institute of Transplantology and Artificial Organs, Moscow, Russia


Restoration of injured peripheral nerves is an urgent problem despite a long history of studying this pathology. Existing methods of surgical treatment (even those, based on microsurgical technique) do not allow to solve this problem completely. Formation of a gross cicatrix in an intervention area is an unpredictable process. It leads to disability of cases even after performing a perfect operation. One of the ways, which can improve results of surgical treatment of injured peripheral nerves, is use of biodegrading materials.

The study goal has been clinical substantiation of using such new biodegrading materials as the SpheroÒGel Matrix and ElastoPOBÒ Membrane.

The SpheroÒGel Matrix (an injection composition of heterogenic gel) and biopolymeric degrading ElastoPOBÒ Membrane are manufactured by Biomir-Service (a closed joint-stock company). They are new biodegrading implants, developed by the Center of Biomaterials, attached to the Research Institute of Transplantology and Artificial Organs. Clinical estimation was carried out after completion of an experimental stage. It was based on analysis of treatment of 20 cases with pathology of peripheral nerves. Electromyography, ultrasonic and MR-examinations of nerves before and after operation were used for assessment of results of surgical treatment. A postoperative period (3-6 months) was characterized by reduction of pain syndrome (from the score of 7-8 up to the score of 2-3 according to the Visual-Analog Scale) and pareses regression, watched in neurolysis (from the score of 1-2 up to the score of 3-4). Positive neurological dynamics was confirmed by results of additional methods of examination.

The obtained clinical data allow to state, that it is expedient to use biodegrading materials in surgery of peripheral nerves.