Olyushin Viktor Emelyanovich To the 70th Anniversary of His Birthday


Professor V.E. Olyushin is a famous home neurosurgeon and one of the organizers of the neurooncologic school in Saint Petersburg. He was 70 in March 2007.

After graduation from the Leningrad Pediatric Medical Institute V.E. Olyushin was sent to the island of Sakhalin, where he worked as a surgeon for several years. Then V.E. Olyushin became a doctor in charge at the Polenov Neurosurgical Institute. Since then all his further life was connected with this Institute and neurooncology.

His teachers were such famous surgeons and scientists as A.G. Zhagrin, V.M. Ugryumov and I.S. Babchin. V.E. Olyushin defended a thesis for Candidate’s degree (Diencephalic Disorders in Cases with Brain Tumors) in 1970. His thesis for a Doctor’s degree (Surgery of Basal Meningiomas) was defended in 1984.

V.E. Olyushin is a broad-minded and clever man, whose scientific developments always contain new and original ideas. Today he pays great attention to the problem of multimodality treatment of malignant gliomas. An original method of specific immunotherapy, based on creation of antioneoplastic vaccine, has been developed under his guidance and in his active participation. The department, headed by V.E. Olyushin, has become one of the first units in the country, carrying out photodynamic therapy of glial tumors.

For many years V.E. Olyushin was a Deputy Director of the above Institute, responsible for its clinical activity. Since 2003 he has been a head of the Department of Brain and Spinal Cord Surgery. V.E. Olyushin is an author of more than 200 scientific works and 3 monographs, written by him for more than 40 years of his activity, as well as of many inventions.

V.E. Olyushin is a person of great authority among neurosurgeons of Saint Petersburg and Russia. He is a chairman of the Committee on International Relations of the Association of Russian Neurosurgeons and a head neurooncologist of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

V.E. Olyushin devotes much time and strength to pedagogical activity. Neurosurgeons of Saint Petersburg and many Russian cities consider him to be their teacher.

His amiable disposition and profound knowledge make V.E. Olyushin a bright and attractive communicant. He reads much and is interested in history and literature.

The Editorial Board of the Russian Neurosurgery journal, Saint Petersburg Association of Neurosurgeon, colleagues and friends congratulate V.E. Olyushin on the occasion of his birthday and wish him good health, happiness and creative activity of long standing!