Gaidar Boris Vsevolodovich To the 60th Anniversary of His Birthday


Lieutenant-General and Chief of the Kirov Medicomilitary Academy Gaidar B.V. was 60 in January 2006. Gaidar B.V. graduated from the Alma-Ata State Medical Institute in 1969 and began his career as a neurosurgeon of a municipal clinical hospital. In 1972 Gaidar B.V. was called up for military service. He became a surgeon of a detached medical battalion and then a senior attending doctor in a neurosurgical department of the hospital of the Central Asian Military District. Then Gaidar B.V. was an advanced student at the Faculty of Neurosurgery of the Medicomilitary Academy (1980). After graduation he filled posts of a lecturer (1983), a senior lecturer (1985), a head of the Faculty of Neurosurgery and Neurosurgeon-in-Chief of the Russian Ministry of Defense (1992). In 2000 he became a chief of the Kirov Medicomilitary Academy.

His thesis for a degree of a Candidate of Medical Science was devoted to diagnostic and prognostic indices of reactivity of cerebral vessels in an acute period of severe craniocerebral trauma. It was defended in 1983. Being a lecturer and then a senior lecturer, Gaidar B.V. displayed his bright talent of a scientists and neurosurgeon. Later he continued to study disorders of cerebral hemodynamics in diseases and trauma of the brain. His research was of great theoretical and practical value.

Gaidar B.V. defended his thesis for a degree of a Doctor of Medical Science in 1990. It described main principles of optimizing cerebral hemodynamics in neurosurgical pathology of the brain. His scientific works allowed to elaborate methods of non-invasive assessment of cerebral hemodynamics in an acute period of craniocerebral trauma and brain diseases.

Gaidar B.V. is a talented neurosurgeon, Doctor of Medical Science (1990), professor (1992), Honored Science Worker of the Russian Federation (1995), academician of the International Academy of Information Technology, attached to the UNO (1995), academician of the International Academy of Ecology and Mankind Security (1997), academician of the Academy of Defense and Law and Order Security (2001), academician of the Russian Medicomilitary Academy (2001), writing member of the Russian Academy of Medical Science (2003), academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Science (2005).

Academician Gaidar B.V. is a leading scientist of the country in the field of combat injuries of the CNS, vascular neurosurgery, neurooncology. He has made a valuable contribution to organization of expert neurosurgical care in the Armed Forces during peace and war, local armed conflicts and disasters.

B.V. Gaidar is one of the pioneers, who participated in organization of a system of specialized units for rendering neurosurgical care to victims of disasters and natural calamities. He took part in organizing expert care of casualties with craniocerebral and spinal trauma, sustained during the earthquake in Armenia (1988). When Gaidar B.V. was a Neurosurgeon-in-Chief of the Russian Ministry of Defense, he visited Chechnya several times, improved the neurosurgical service of the Armed Forces in compliance with a modern military doctrine and solved problems of rendering expert neurosurgical care in local armed conflicts (1995-2001).

The experience, gained in Chechnya, was studied in detail. Its analysis showed, that defective debridement of craniocerebral wounds at the echelon of qualified medical care often resulted in necessity of repeated interventions at the echelon of expert medical care. Sometimes the rate of repeated and reconstructive operations varied from 26% up to 82%. The main causes of repeated operations were unremoved bone fragments and contusion-crush foci within the brain. Defective debridement, performed at the echelon of qualified medical care, led to development of pyo-infectious complications in the brain and its meninges in 45.5% of casualties.

Taking into account new conditions of combat operations, B.V. Gaidar proposed and introduced an optimum algorithm of rendering neurosurgical care. It was based on a principle of performing a full-value and complete surgical intervention, which eliminated necessity of repeated operations. It was proved, that surgical manipulations, made at the echelon of qualified medical care, should be limited to arrest of external bleeding and the quickest evacuation of the wounded to the echelon of expert medical care. As for casualties, operated at the echelon of expert medical care in accordance with the optimum algorithm, the mortality rate among them was 15.1%. The same index was as high as 54.2% in case of inability to follow this algorithm due to this or that reason.

One cannot but admit a considerable contribution of B.V. Gaidar to studying pathogenesis, principles of diagnosis and treatment of severe craniocerebral trauma. He was the first to estimate significance, inherent in indices of reactivity of cerebral vessels, and to elaborate methods of optimizing cerebral hemodynamics in craniocerebral trauma. His theses for a Candidate’s and Doctor’s degrees were devoted to this problem and he got a certificate, confirming his invention.

Gaidar B.V. was an editor of the textbook Military Neurosurgery (1998) and the manual Practical Neurosurgery (2002). They are the most detailed and up-to-date books on neurosurgery. Besides, Military Neurosurgery contains valuable information on such problems, as organization of expert neurosurgical care, rehabilitation, military medical examination.

B.V. Gaidar headed the Faculty of Neurosurgery of the Kirov Medicomilitary Academy during 8 years. He paid great attention to development of such fields as surgery of arterial aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations and carotid-cavernous anastomoses; neuroendoscopy; stereotaxic navigation; tumor cryodestruction. The Faculty of Neurosurgery was one of the best faculties of the Academy. Its professors and lecturers did much for development of new educational programs and long-term plans of subjects, as well as for preparation of new books and manuals for publication.

B.V. Gaidar was a President of the Association of Russian Neurosurgeons (1998-2002). Today he is its Vice-President (2002-2006); a member of the Neurosurgery Section of the Scientific Medical Council, attached to the Ministry of Public Health; a chairman of the Medical Service Management Subsection, attached to the Chief Military Medical Department of the Russian Ministry of Defense; a chairman of the Specialized Scientific Council; an editor-in-chief of Russian Neurosurgery (the Internet journal); an editor-in-chief of the Bulletin of the Russian Medicomilitary Academy; a member of the editorial boards of journals Neirokhirurgiya and Clinical Medicine and Pathophysiology; a member of the Board of Saint Petersburg Association of Neurosurgeons, named after I.S. Babchin. B.V. Gaidar was decorated with the order For Service to the Motherland in the Armed Forces (the third degree), the Order of Honor and different medals. He was awarded the title of the State Prize Winner for a series of scientific works on the following topic: Acute Intracranial Hemorrhages: Pathogenesis Study, Development and Introduction of New Technologies into Diagnosis and Surgical Treatment.

B.V. Gaidar took an active part in training of scientific personnel. More than 20 theses for Candidate’s and Doctor’s degrees were written under his guidance and consulting. His disciples carry out pedagogical, research and medical activity in the Medicomilitary Academy. Among them one can mention Professors V.E. Parfenov, Yu. A. Shcherbuk, A.K. Dulaev and G.E. Trufanov; Assistant Professors V.Yu. Cherebillo and E.D. Alekseev; Candidates of Medical Science B.V. Martynov, S.M. Idrichyan, A.V. Polezhaev, V.A. Andronenkov. Many of his followers head neurosurgical departments of central and district military hospitals. For example, Doctor of Medical Science Yu.S. Shchigolev is a head of a neurosurgical department in the Burdenko Chief Clinical Military Hospital and Doctor of Medical Science G.I. Antonov heads a neurovascular department in the Vishnevsky Central Clinical Military Hospital.

B.V. Gaidar was appointed a chief of the Medicomilitary Academy in December 2000. Being extremely busy, he manages to carry out his organizational, pedagogical, research and surgical activity quite successfully. B.V. Gaidar guides development of such new trends of minimum-invasive neurosurgery, as endovideoscopic monitoring in complex interventions; superselective chemotherapy of malignant cerebral tumors; endovascular operations in AVM, dysplasia and aneurysms of cerebral vessels; stereotaxic biopsy and cryodestruction in cerebral neoplasms.

Thus, one can conclude, that B.V. Gaidfar is a versatile researcher and an experienced pedagogue, who has made a contribution of paramount importance to solution of theoretical and practical problems of neurosurgery and to improvement of organization of expert neurosurgical care in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

The Association of Neurosurgeons of Russia and the editing committee of the Russian Neurosurgery Journal congratulate Boris Vsevolodovich cordially and wish him good health, happiness, long life and every success.