Evgeny Nikolaevich

Doctor of Medical Science, Professor-neurosurgeon, Deputy Director on Scientific-Organizational Activity and Methods of Teaching of the Polenov Research Neurosurgical Institute

Author of 230 scientific works, including 8 monographs and 7 patents. The main fields of his research are cerebral circulation, diagnosis and surgery of craniocerebral trauma, history of home neurosurgery. He is engaged in organization of neurosurgical service in Russia and postgraduate training in neurosurgery and adjacent specialties.

Member of the Editorial Board of two magazines: Neurokhirurgiya (Neurosurgery) and Neurokhirurgiya i Nevrologiya Detskogo Vozrasta (Children's Neurosurgery and Neurology). He is an Honorary Member of the Moscow Neurosurgical Society and a member of the Board of the Association of Russian Neurosurgeons.


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