Ependymomas of Caudal Segments of the Third Ventricle: Successful Surgical Treatment

Shulyov Yu.A., Rychkov V.L., Smekalov A.S., Bikmullin V.N.

(City Neurosurgical Center of Municipal Multi-Field Hospital N 2)

Female patient G., aged 40, was admitted to the Neurosurgical Center with clinical signs of hypertension-hydrocephalus syndrome.

MRI examination of the brain showed neoplasm of caudal segments of the third ventricle with signs of secondary obstructive hydrocephalus.

The patient was operated on October 26, 1999. The operation consisted in external ventricular drainage, craniotomy of the posterior cranial fossa, total resection of tumor, using the subtentorial approach. Control CT and MRI examinations in the nearest postoperative period revealed no tumor. Results of histologic study were indicative of mixopapillary ependymoma. There was regress of neurologic symptoms after the operation.