Surgical correction in some neurologic and psychic disorders

Shustin V.A.

(Department of Surgical Treatment of Nervous and Psychic Diseases, Bekhterev Psychoneurologic Research Institute, Saint Petersburg, Russia)

Methods of surgical correction of some neurologic and psychic diseases should be regarded as a link in the system of treatment and rehabilitation. A forcible argument in choosing surgical correction is a failure of the whole complex of medicamental and other conservative methods of treatment. However, exhausted conservative therapy is a term, whose boundaries should be defined more exactly.

A modern spectrum of surgical methods includes:

Our experience of surgical treatment of patients, the majority of whom had psychic disorders, is as follows: 8 out of 350 patients with epilepsy underwent extended operations; 24 patients with obsessional-compulsive disorders and Turett's disease were subject to stereotactic operations; transplantation of embryonal nervous tissue was made in 12 patients; shunting operations were used in 3 cases. Efficacy of treatment is about 70%.