A theory of vascular pathogenesis of epilepsy

Garmashov Yu.A.

(Chair of Children's Neurology and Neurosurgery, Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Saint Petersburg, Russia)

A theoretical conception of universal ischemic pathogenesis of epilepsy, developing in all organic cerebral lesions (craniocerebral trauma, tumors, vascular and inflammatory diseases, CNS developmental defects, artificial neurosurgical injuries of the brain) is presented. The principal propositions of this conception are as follows:

  1. Ischemia is a mechanism, triggering a seizure in patients with organic cerebral lesions.
  2. An epileptic seizure is a protective response of the brain to dosed disorders of local or generalized metabolism.
  3. Epilepsy is graduated cerebral ischemia.

The report deals with theoretical and practical substantiation of the above propositions. Their practical importance for neurosurgeons, neurologists, anesthesiologists and experts in resuscitation is explained.