Development of neurosurgery in the nedicomilitary academy:
historical highlights

Khilko V.A.

(Chair of Neurosurgery of the Medicomilitary Academy,Municipal Neurosurgical Center of the City Multi-Field Hospital N 2)

The first intervention on arterial aneurysm of cerebral vessels in Leningrad was performed in the Medicomilitary Academy in 1959 by Prof. B.A. Samotokin. It was the start of development of different aspects of neurovascular surgery. The same year opened new horizons: carotid angiography was introduced into clinical practice, the first operations on cerebral AVM were made, muscular embolizations in carotid-cavernous anastomosis according to Brooks was performed for the first time in the USSR.

Microsurgical technique, used in vascular interventions and introduced in 1970, played a decisive role. Study of cerebral hemodynamics was very important, that was why the leaders of the Chair of Neurosurgery and Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry organized the Laboratoty of Cerebral Circulation. It was headed by Prof. Moskalenko Yu.E.

Today use of modern means of diagnosis of cerebrovascular diseases (selective angiography, spiral CT angiography, MRI, ultrasonic Doppler), introduction of minimum invasive methods of removal of aneurysms, AVM and anastomoses allowed to reduce the rate of complications and fatal outcomes in interventions on vessels. During 1959-2000 neurosurgeons of the Academy performed 587 operations for aneurysms, 369 - for AVM, 274 - for arteriovenous anastomoses, 275 - for occluding lesions.