Treatment of acute trauma of the spine and spinal cord in Moscow: shortcomings

Grin A.A., Baskov A.V., Dzukaev D.N.

(Sklifosovsky Research Institute of Emergency Care, Russian Academy of Postgraduate Education Burdenko Research Neurosurgical Institute, City Municipal Hospital N 67)

A number of patients, admitted to neurosurgical establishments of the Moscow Committee on Public Health in 2000, was equal to 766; complicated trauma was watched in 710 patients. The rate of spinal trauma was 7.7 per 100 000 men. Operations were performed only in 363 patients; 370 cases, who needed surgical treatment, were not operated due to these or those causes. Surgical treatment of 108 patients was incomplete or ineffective. It demanded reoperation in some cases. The analysis of causes of low surgical activity in spinal trauma and low efficacy of surgical interventions is given.