Results of surgical treatment of intramedullary tumors

Evzikov G.Yu.

(Kozhevnikov Clinic of Nervous Diseases, Moscow Medical Academy named after Sechenov I.M., Moscow, Russia)

The analysis of surgical treatment of 88 patients was carried out. There were 49 males and 39 females. An average age was 37 years. There were 47 ependymomas, 26 astrocytomas, 5 lipomas, 4 hemangioblastomas, 2 dermoid cysts, 1 oligodendroglioma, 1 melanoma, 1 ectopic meningioma and 1 ectopic neurinoma. Tumors were localized in a cervical segment of the spinal cord (21), cervical and thoracic segments (21), a thoracic segment (20), thoracic and lumbar segments (11), a lumbar segment and cone (12). Total lesion was watched in 3 patients. Operations consisted in radical removal (40), subtotal removal (11), partial removal (12), biopsy with a tumor cyst puncture (10), laminectomy with biopsy (15).

All operations were subdivided into 3 groups to make the analysis a more feasible procedure. These groups were as follows: tumor removal (radical and subtotal removal) - 51 cases; internal decompression (partial removal, a tumor cyst puncture) - 22 cases; external decompression (biopsy and laminectomy without biopsy) - 15 cases.

Results of surgical treatment were conditioned by severity of neurologic disorders before an operation, a histological type of a tumor and its localization in relation to the spinal cord surface, an operation character. Results, watched on discharge, were as follows: good - 51% (45) of cases, satisfactory - 25% (22) of cases, bad - 24% (21) of cases. Mortality was 2.3%.