Surgical treatment of patients with occluding lesions of carotid arteries complicated by cerebral circulation disorders of an ischemic type: results

Abramov I.S.

(Department of Vascular Surgery of the City Clinical Hospital N 15, Moscow, Russia)

The City Clinical Hospital N 15 specializes in treatment of diseases of the brachycephalic trunk arteries. During 1986-2000 we operated 637 patients with circulation disorders of an ischemic type. Diagnosis was carried out with the help of ultrasound (transcranial) Doppler, angiography, MRI. Endarterectomy from internal carotid arteries and plasty with a patch were performed in 362 patients. Plasty was not used in 275 cases. Mortality was as follows: up to 1992 - 3.9%, in 1993 - 2.2% and in 1994 -0%.