Gaidar B.V., Chief Neurosurgeon of the Russian Ministry of Defense, the chief of Military Medical Academy: to the 55th anniversary of his birth.


gaidar.jpg (19573 bytes)Boris Vsevolodovich Gaidar, Chief Neurosurgeon of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Head of the Chair of Neurosurgery, President of the Association of Neurosurgeons of Russia, Academician of the Russian Medicotechnical Academy, Corresponding Member of the Medicomilitary Academy and the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Honored Scientist of Russia, Doctor of Medical Science, professor, was 55 on January 19, 2001.

Gaidar B.V. was born in Zaporozhye. He is a graduate of the Alma-Atinsky State Medical Institute. His career of a neurosurgeon began in Alma-Atinsky Municipal Hospital. He was called up for military service in 1972 and appointed a surgeon of a medical battalion. Then Gaidar B.V. became a senior attending medical doctor in the military hospital of the Central Asian military district. His postgraduate education took place at the Chair of Neurosurgery of the Medicomilitary Academy. He defended a thesis for a degree of a Candidate of Medical Science in 1983. It was devoted to optimization of cerebral hemodynamics. Being a lecturer and then a senior lecturer of the Chair, Gaidar B.V. demonstrated his bright talent of a scientist and neurosurgeon. After becoming a Doctor of Medical Science he continued to study disorders of cerebral hemodynamics in diseases and trauma of the brain and made a valuable contribution to theory and practice of this problem. Gaidar B.V. worked out and introduced into clinical practice such a notion as “reactivity index” and described prognostic criteria of severity of craniocerebral trauma. He is an extremely skillful neurosurgeon, making filigree operations on the brain and spinal cord, as well as a thoughtful clinician and versatile researcher who has done much for development of home medical science and field neurosurgery. Besides Gaidar B.V. is one of the pioneers in the field of organization of specialized units for rendering medical care to victims of mass catastrophes and disasters. He participated in organization and rendering specialized care to casualties of an earthquake in Armenia (1988), who had craniocerebral and spinal injuries and to servicemen during combat operations in Chechnya. Being the Chief Neurosurgeon of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Gaidar B.V. does everything possible for improvement of neurosurgical service of the Armed Forces in compliance with a modern military doctrine and solves complex problems of rendering specialized neurosurgical care in local military conflicts. He is a member of the Section of Neurosurgery attached to the Scientific Council of the Ministry of Public Health and a deputy scientific supervisor of the Brain Circulation program of the Russian Academy of Sciences, an editor-in-chief of the electronic journal entitled “Russian Neurosurgery”, a member of the editotial board of the Journal of Neurosurgery, a member of the board of Neurosurgical Society of Saint Petesrburg and Leningradskaya region. Gaidar B.V. is an author 220 publications including 20 educational brochures, 3 brochures with collected works on specific topics, 2 monographs, 1 textbook and 1 manual. There are 12 and 10 theses for a degree of a Candidate and Doctor of Medical Science respectively which have been written under his supervision. Gaidar B.V. has been awarded the Order of Service to Motherland of the third degree, the Order of Honor and several medals.

Today numerous disciples of Gaidar B.V. are heads of neurosurgica departments of central and district military hospitals or are engaged in pedagogical, educational and medical activity carried out at the Chair of Neurosurgery of the Medicomilitary Academy.

The Association of Neurosurgeons of Russia and the editing committee of the Russian Neurosurgery Journal congratulate B.V. Gaidar cordially and wish him good health, happiness, long life and every success.